Haruki Murakami ~ Dance, Dance, Dance

Every book in my Haruki Murakami binge instantly becomes my new favorite. and so it is with the dream/fantasy/mystery/philosophy of Dance, Dance, Dance. the writing is so beautiful, the obvious love of food, music, sex, life, death/depth palpable, the insight and empathy unequaled in our time, and no one writes a climax to a book …

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Haruki Murakami ~ Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of The World

Just finished reading, as part of my full-fledged Haruki Murakami binge, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World, a Through the Looking-Glass for the modern day, with cyberpunk leanings far more poetic and humane than anything in similar spirit by William Gibson. worlds of mind, memory and of course, music. magical. i know at …

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Stephen Graham Jones ~ Not For Nothing

Just finished reading the latest and greatest from Stephen Graham Jones, his lately-published Not For Nothing, as perfect a piece of West Texas noir as we will ever witness in our lifetimes, or until SGJ decides to remake this genre in his own image again. i hope it’s soon. SGJ owns more styles than most …

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Haruki Murakami ~ The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

Just finished reading Haruki Murakami‘s masterpiece, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, a book I’d initially not warmed to (I bet I know why, now: back in my David Foster Wallace-immersive days, Murakami’s name came up with the same reverence and regularity. That it didn’t read like DFW to me was, i guess, anathema to me at …

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Haruki Murakami ~ Norwegian Wood

Just finished reading this iconic coming-of-age novel by Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood. a beautiful story about the striving for intimacy and knowledge in the face of distance, dissolution and delusion. a must read, like i’m getting to know all Murakami’s works to be. going to start The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle now. I’d tried it years …

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Beach House ~ Lazuli@FTT, Cincinnati, OH_2014.04.02

the idea to do this great Beach House song came to me suddenly. had a first draft in a day, performed it first a week later. recorded a take of it for your enjoyment on the day of our From the Top live taping at Corbett Auditorium in Cincinnati, OH on 2014.04.02


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