Ken Bruen ~ Rilke on Black

just finished reading the noir master, Ken Bruen‘s RILKE ON BLACK; one of the few i’d not read (though THE DEVIL has come out in the last year, so i’ve got that on order, and i may have missed one of his artful collaborations with the extraordinarily talented Jason Starr). i surely needed a slamdunk antidote to the antiseptic and insipid ZERO HISTORY, and boy did i get it, like a Sig Hauer to the teeth: hardboiled like no one else can do, with perps and victims quoting Rainer Maria at each other, bashing brains metaphysically as well as viscerally. even a cameo by WHITE TRILOGY bad cop/worse cop South London Met Detective Sergeant Brant.
a perfect book.
found AMERICAN SKIN by Ken way down the must-read stacks under the piano, and have started that this morning, not being able to keep til THE DEVIL shows up on my doorstep.

rilke on black

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