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Red House Painters ~ River

Haven’t done one of these in a while, since Void, but River‘s been percolating and on my short list for some time now, another song I came lately to know. Staying true to the Old Ramon original (though influenced by innumerable live tracks of all my favorite Mark Kozelek songs, on perpetual play for over […]

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Void ~ Red House Painters 2016.06.04@Plaza Theater, El Paso, TX

Just wrapped Show #325 of From the Top at the Plaza Theater in El Paso, TX. I premiered, as my break piece midway through the show, a brand new arrangement I’d crafted in my long line of songs by Mark Kozelek, songwriter and lead singer of Red House Painters, his 90’s band in San Francsico, […]

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Anton Garcia-Abril ~ Cinco piezas breves IV

From the Top just wrapped Show #324 in the comfy environs of Tarisio Fine String Instruments & Bows in New York City. I played another one of the endless string of pieces I love by this eminent composer of our times, all times, Anton Garcia-Abril. We’ve struck up, Anton, his wife Aurea, and I, a […]

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Anton Garcia-Abril ~ Microprimaveras II @ Lubbock, TX 2016.02.26

At this summer’s Season One of concerts at TippetRise Arts Center outside Fishtail, MT, we will be featuring a set of concerts in celebration of the large-scale sculptures being installed over the coming months. Thusfar, we have commemorated installations of work by Mark DiSuvero (the Ariel Quartet performing the Heilige Dankgesang movement from Op. 132 […]

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