Fredric Morton ~ Thunder at Twilight

During my Beijing stay, I finished reading the riveting Thunder at Twilight, Fredric Morton’s chronicle of Austro-Hungarian days Of 1913-14 leading to World War I. Haven’t been so enthralled with the writing in a history book since the days of Barbara Tuchman. Brilliant.

Paul Tremblay ~ No Sleep Til Wonderland

just finished reading Paul Tremblay‘s riveting NO SLEEP TILL WONDERLAND, featuring the narcoleptic private eye, Mark Genevich (also the center of Paul‘s first novel, with a title other noirists could only envy, THE LITTLE SLEEP), NO SLEEP follows Mark through his support group meetings, surveillance jobs gone terribly wrong to murder and always being the …

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Jo Nesbo ~ Headhunters

just finished reading HEADHUNTERS by one of the leading lights of Nordic noir, Jo Nesbo. i came upon this work in conversation with Mark Danielewski and our mutual bemoaning of the terrible state of contemporary film, most specifically the execrable PROMETHEUS. Mark told me of this Norwegian film (a writer recommending a film based on …

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Lucius Shepard ~ Louisiana Breakdown

just finished another sui generis novella by Lucius Shepard, LOUISIANA BREAKDOWN, set in a Gulf Coast town beset by bad juju; really bad juju. another winner from Lucius.

Lucius Shepard ~ Trujillo

just finished another novella by the incomparable imagination of Lucius Shepard, TRUJILLO, set in the eponymous Honduran coastal village; a tale of variously menacing possession, uncatoregizable as all of Lucius’ great work, consistently evocative and redolent in every page. brilliant.

Ken Bruen ~ The Devil

just finished reading Ken Bruen‘s latest, greatest and genre-birthing brilliant installment of his Jack Taylor series, the hapless Galwegian PI tangling with his most formidable and bitter opponent in a prose poem tapestry of Zen koans, pop references, indelibly Irish aphorisms, things pondered and not said, in a read that begs to be done at …

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