“Music is a force for epiphany in our lives as we relish & acknowledge each serendipitous yet inevitably life-changing moment of listening, performing, studying, talking about, collaborating, teaching, perpetually experiencing in music. These epiphanies suffuse my heart from many different genres of music, different media, too. It’s a wonderful life.”

– Christopher O’Riley

Next Media Event

This would be, instead of or in addition to the Calendar page, a billboarding of whatever my next stream will be. I’m also planning on making virtual recitals a regular occurrence, with some being multi-media events, like doing the Berlioz with clips of the Basil Twist film, or an arrangements set with video by Bryn Forbes. I’ll send the Bryn links. They’re quite beautiful and would be great imagery to have in place for right now on the Upcoming Media Event page.

will this be a video?

Over the Top

Welcome to OverTheTop.Live, the YouTube home for all things Christopher O’Riley: performances, master classes, podcasts, educational materials.

Your launchpad for exponential imaginative growth.

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School of Bach

My 96-episode series,Everything We Need To Know About Playing The Piano We Learn From The Well-Tempered Clavier, 40+ hours of explorations into each of J.S. Bach’s Preludes & Fugues, opens whole new vistas in your own creativity, exploring the ambiguity, freedom & variety inherent in all musical notation.

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