Hold Me To This: Christopher O’Riley Plays Radiohead



  • Original Release Date: April 5, 2005
  • Label: World Village
  • Copyright: 2005 World Village
  • Total Length: 58:45

audio clips

tack list

  1. There There 4:05
  2. (Nice Dream) 3:40
  3. No Surprises 3:26
  4. Polyethylene Part II 3:03
  5. How I Made My Millions 3:22
  6. Like Spinning Plates 3:31
  7. Sail to the Moon 3:55
  8. The Tourist 4:10
  9. Cuttooth 5:12
  10. 2+2=5 3:17
  11. Talk Show Host 7:09
  12. Gagging Order 3:19
  13. Paranoid Android 5:37
  14. Street Spirit (fade out) 5:02

You have to give Christopher O’Riley credit. Even though he’s already put out an excellent CD of Radiohead piano compositions, there’s enough great material in the band’s studio albums that he could have easily filled this second disc with crowd-pleasers. And while he did include “Street Spirit” and “No Surprises,” he also threw in some surprises, great B-sides like “Polyethylene Part II” and “Gagging Order.” That’s not the mark of a hustler looking to cash in on one of the best bands making music today–no, it’s the mark of a true fan.

“Also available for digital download at iTunes and Amazon.com.”
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