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Shuffle.Play.Listen unites ground-breaking, Grammy-nominated cellist Matt Haimovitz with pianist Christopher O Riley, host of NPR and PBS’s popular weekly radio and television series, From the Top, in a collaboration that blurs the boundaries between classical and pop music.

Two performers, each a superstar in his own right, come together to plumb the virtuosic and lyrical possibilities of their instruments in an expansive 2-CD set from Oxingale Records.

Disc 1 features Igor Stravinsky’s neo-classical Suite Italienne, Leos Janacek’s Fairy Tale, Bohuslav Martinu’s Variations on a Slovak Folksong and Astor Piazzolla’s Grand Tango, all interwoven with an arresting new arrangement of Bernard Herrmann’s Vertigo film score, celebrating the composer’s 100th birthday this year.

Disc 2 kicks off with Empty Room from the 2011 Grammy winning Album of the Year by Arcade Fire, and follows up with tracks by Blond Redhead, the Cocteau Twins, Radiohead, and more Arcade Fire, as well as supergroup A Perfect Circle’s hit song 3 Libras and a jaw dropping rendition of John McLaughlin’s Dance of Maya. All the arrangements for cello and piano were made with O’Riley’s signature passion and finesse, and realized with Haimovitz’s uncompromising artistic depth. The pair display their considerable improvisational skills in several tunes, including their 9-minute un-cut interpretation of McLaughlin’s A Lotus on Irish Streams.

Inside the package, New York Times best-selling author Dan Levitin (This is your Brain on Music), interviews Haimovitz and O’Riley on the making of Shuffle.Play.Listen.

Shuffle.Play.Listen embraces a new kind of listening public who mix Wagner with Lady Gaga on their iPods, exploring new sounds and moving comfortably between genres. While Classical lovers will be drawn to CD1, more adventurous listeners will thrill to CD2, and both will want to shuffle, play and listen!

  • Performers: Christopher O’Riley, piano, Matt Haimovitz, cello
  • Composer: Bernard Herrmann, Igor Stravinsky, Bohuslav Martinu, Leos Janacek, Astor Piazzolla, et al.
  • Audio CD (September 27, 2011)
  • Number of Discs: 2
  • Label: Oxingale Records

audio clips

Disc 1

Disc 2

Track Listing

Disc 1

1. Vertigo Suite: Prelude  3:24
2. Pohádka (Fairy Tale): I  5:49
3. Pohádka (Fairy Tale): II  4:30
4. Pohádka (Fairy Tale): III  2:51
5. Vertigo Suite: The Nightmare  2:36
6. Variations on a Slovak Folksong  9:09
7. Vertigo Suite: Carlotta’s Portrait  2:33
8. Suite Italienne (after Pulcinella): Introduzione  2:15
9. Suite Italienne (after Pulcinella): Serenata  3:05
10. Suite Italienne (after Pulcinella): Aria  5:21
11. Suite Italienne (after Pulcinella): Tarantella  2:17
12. Suite Italienne (after Pulcinella): Minuetto e Finale  4:40
13. Vertigo Suite: Scotty Trails Madeline  7:52
14. Le Grand Tango 10:30
15. Vertigo Suite: Scène d’amour 4:59

Disc 2

1. Arcade Fire – Empty Room 2:56
2. Radiohead -Pyramid Song 4:37
3. Cocteau Twins -Athol Brose 3:02
4. John McLaughlin – The Dance of Maya 8:09
5. Blonde Redhead – Misery is a Butterfly 5:55
6. Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi 5:34
7. Cocteau Twins – Fotzepolitic 3:24
8. Blonde Redhead – Melody 5:05
9. A Perfect Circle – 3 Libras 3:26
10. Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas 4:59
11. Arcade Fire – In the Backseat 4:57
12. John McLaughlin – A Lotus on Irish Streams 8:48

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