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“O’Riley is arguably the coolest guy in the business…with unassailable credentials”

~ The Oregonian, Portland

Acclaimed for his engaging and deeply committed performances, pianist Christopher O’Riley is known to millions as one of today’s most engaging artists and is available for online lessons and coachings.

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“O’Riley played so delicately that he seeminly left no fingerprints on the keys, yet his melodies sung out with sweet clarity.”

~ The Washington Post

He performs around the world and has garnered widespread praise for his untiring efforts to reach new audiences. He has made a select number of his personal arrangements available for purchase.

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J.S. Bach ~ Prelude & Fugue XIV in f# minor, II

Maybe my favorite of all the cantabile Preludes; reminds me of the Minore Variation #25 in the Goldberg Variations. The multivarious subjects of the Fugue run from the stentorian rhetorical…

J.S. Bach ~ Prelude & Fugue XIII in F# Major, II

Book II of The Well-Tempered Clavier is distinguished by Bach’s ever-evolving experiments, alchemical meldings of genres, styles, forms and formats. The F# Major Prelude, with its martially-dotted thorough-going texture suggests…

J.S. Bach ~ Prelude & Fugue XII in f minor, II

Immersed as I am, recording and expostulating upon The Well-Tempered Clavier, it’s immensely invigorating engaging learned minds on my own journey. Of particular note, for historical, analytical and philosophical context…

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