Richard Stark ~ Breakout

just finished reading another of the Parker novels by Richard Stark, Breakout. Parker gets pinched for the first time in the series, and it’s all about getting out. a real nail-biter, or maybe it was just the flight i was on. really great. i’m down to the last three, and i’ll have read all of …

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Richard Stark ~ Firebreak

just finished reading Firebreak, part of the latter-day homestretch of novels in his Parker series, this one the first to feature a hacker in Parker’s string. great, as always,

Richard Stark ~ Flashfire

just finished reading another in Richard Stark’s series centered on the hardman, Parker, Flashfire. this one BEGINS with a doublecross, moves through a hit on Parker (closest brush with death of the series, so far), and culminates in the biggest jewelry heist ever. maybe my favorite.

Richard Stark ~ Backflash

just finished reading the next in Richard Stark’s Parker series, Backflash, in which a beautifully planned casino ship heist goes terribly wrong, as always, leaving Parker with dire options. one of the better action-heavy books of the series. i’ll be sorry when i get through this binge. brilliant

Richard Stark ~ Comeback

just finished reading Richard Stark’s Comeback, the 17th in his Parker series; bittersweet, as i’m now reluctantly entering the homestretch of the novels. this one was, appropriate to the title, written after a 23-year absence from the work of this, the darkest of Donald E. Westlake’s nom de plumes. i’ll be very sorry to see …

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