Irvine Welsh ~ Skagboys

just finished reading Irvine Welsh’s latest, SKAGBOYS, an epic prequel to TRAINSPOTTING, a lush, insightful, hilarious ricercare of intermingled chapter-voices following Everybody’s Favourite Heroin Addicts, Mark Renton, Sick Boy, Spud, the violence-addicted Francis Begbie and a few others from the endless cast of Maggie’s Millions in the early 80’s.
i’ve read everything published by Irvine Welsh, and i’ve loved it all.
almost wish there were a pre-prequel with the Edinburgh boys South Park-aged (animated series, or just brogue voice-over Cartman and Co.).
as darkly nihilist as he reads sometimes, there’s never a lack of umbilicus to humanity. and humour.
man knows how to end a massive book, too.



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