J.S. Bach ~ Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. I: live tracks from the road

Having lost my hard drive a couple months back, I’m just now getting around to sharing some live takes from my breakpiece slot on live tapings of my radio show. I’ve decided ProTools is way too consumer-unfriendly to re-up, so I’m afraid I’m behind a steep learning curve getting LogicPro up and running. But thanks to the excellent work of engineer, Berred Ouellette, the unadulterated sound is quite sufficient. Enjoy.

J.S. Bach ~ WTC BkI a minor Prelude and Fugue: 2017.10.02@Boston, MA:

J.S. Bach ~ WTC BkI C# Major Prelude & Fugue: 2017.10@Glendale, CA:

J.S. Bach ~ WTC BkI e minor Prelude & Fugue: 2018.02.01@Highwood, IL:

J.S. Bach ~ WTC BkI B Major Prelude & Fugue: 2018.02.11@Boston, MA:

J.S. Bach ~ WTC BkI E Major Prelude & Fugue: 2018.02.14@San Antonio, TX:


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3 thoughts on “J.S. Bach ~ Well-Tempered Clavier, Bk. I: live tracks from the road”

  1. Perfect. So wonderful to actually hear. So many wonderful photos of Iman listening to convey what WTC you were playing but now to hear what she heard ❤️


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