Lucius Shepard ~ Aztechs

just finished reading more great work from Lucius Shepard, foremost, his near-future novella of the Mexicali border, AZTECHS. one might consider its competing reality views worthy of Philip K. Dick, or its drug-metamorphosed military mutants denizens of a William Burroughs novel, but this is hallowed Lucius ground; part of the fabric he wove in his great work, LIFE DURING WARTIME.
just before that, i finished NANTUCKET SLAYRIDES, a volume comprised of two of Lucius’ beautifully haunted novellas and one pretty good story by Robert Frazier. Looks like this one was the result oftheir mutual Nantucket residency some years ago, and all three tales draw heavily on the surroundings. Lucius’ NOMANS LAND is a great ghost story on a disused piece of turf due south of the island, and HOW THE WIND SPOKE AT MADAKET is as frightening and powerful as an elemental tale can get, certainly better than anything than the billionaire from Maine has ever come up with. There’s clearly no justice in publishing.
Lucius is a national treasure.



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