Justin Cronin ~ The Summer Guest

ugh. finally finished reading Justin Cronin’s THE SUMMER GUEST, a soppily sentimental history of family and guests over the decades at a remote fishing camp in NW Maine. i must be a really bad person. this is just as prettily written as the sensitive crap that gets in the New Yorker, but i have no …

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Lucius Shepard ~ Aztechs

just finished reading more great work from Lucius Shepard, foremost, his near-future novella of the Mexicali border, AZTECHS. one might consider its competing reality views worthy of Philip K. Dick, or its drug-metamorphosed military mutants denizens of a William Burroughs novel, but this is hallowed Lucius ground; part of the fabric he wove in his …

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Mark Z. Danielewski ~ House of Leaves

Just finished rereading the ultimate semiotician’s horror novel, the first of Mark Z. Danielewski’s masterpieces, House of Leaves. This book goes into my handful of books (Ulysses, Finnegans Wake and Infinite Jest) which upon finishing, one can ponder seriously whether to read anything else, or to more fruitfully to Beginagain.

Michael Lewis ~ Next

just finished reading Michael Lewis’ collection of essays on the Internet, NEXT. brilliant as he is, this one can’t help but be a bit dated (published in 2002) but it’s still a thoughtful and incisive commentary on the online world. pretty sure he was in First Class on a recent trip from Boston for Chicago, …

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