Richard Stark ~ Blackbird

just finished reading the last of three Alan Grofield vehicles by the Donald E. Westlake nom de plume, Richard Stark: The Blackbird, Grofield as a reluctant spy (they’d otherwise bust him for the armored car heist-gone wrong he’d just partnered on with Parker, whose POV of the aftermath features in Stark’s Slayground) who knows some …

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Richard Stark ~ The Dame

finished reading on the plane Grofield novel #2 by Richard Stark The Dame. #1 was an escape, #2 is a whodunit, #3 (i’m reading now, The Blackbird) is a hapless spy novel with Grofield at its center, his brief liaison with his Banana Republic friend and Third World player figuring prominently in #3. Westlake rules

Richard Stark ~ The Sour Lemon Score

Just finished reading another of Richard Stark’s Parker series, The Sour Lemon Score in which the double cross is the whole caper. Brilliant.

Richard Stark ~ The Green Eagle Score

just finished reading another in Richard Stark’s Parker series, The Green Eagle Score. a payroll heist and the impracticality of psychoanalysis. great.

Richard Stark ~ Slayground

just finished reading another in the Parker series by Richard Stark (Donald Westlake’s dark side), Slayground. Parker’s trapped with the cash from an armored car heist in a closed amusement park, unarmed. awesome.

Richard Stark ~ Plunder Squad

just finished reading another in the Parker series by Richard Stark (Donald E. Westlake’s darkest nom de plume), Plunder Squad. it amazes me how many different ways a job can go so wrong. lots of loose ends, jobs considered and discarded. this series never is less than astonishingly inventive and fresh, even as Parker remains …

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