An apology

Re: the rally in Tampa, I had a teaching moment, caught up in the outrage viewing this inchoate and virulent mob, the President* egging them on in his dangerously autocratic framing of the press as the ‘enemy of the people’, I posted the spittle-flecked footage and made a good pun on ‘euphemism’ that I quickly realized was in bad taste and merely lowered me into the cloaca of what has become the tone of our public discourse. I posted it here and on Twitter, and very soon realized its poor taste and the potential for it to be taken way out of the satirical spirit from which it sprang, but not before it was taken up by outraged Trump supporters and one far-right blog. I’ve since received threats even after deleting the post and disabling my Twitter account. I should never have entrusted that constituency with the capacity for punning and wordplay, (I was just being a smartass, not calling for something egregious and wrong) but more importantly I have come to regret my having sunk into the wild eyed downward spiral, the miasma of negativity. I would like to think I’m better than this, and failing that assessment I would like to strive to be better than I was in this moment. I regret my quip (and that’s all it was), I apologize to Trump supporters who took it for far worse than the vulgarity of it, and I call on all my friends to join me in attempting to move forward, to address this presently viperous ethos with positivity and hope. Sorry.


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