Ken Bruen ~ The Devil

just finished reading Ken Bruen‘s latest, greatest and genre-birthing brilliant installment of his Jack Taylor series, the hapless Galwegian PI tangling with his most formidable and bitter opponent in a prose poem tapestry of Zen koans, pop references, indelibly Irish aphorisms, things pondered and not said, in a read that begs to be done at …

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Ken Bruen ~ American Skin

just finished reading Ken Bruen’s most symphonic tapestry, his novel, AMERICAN SKIN, crime and retribution traveling from his Galway/London turf to New York and the desert West. psychos, romantics, promises made and hearts broken. a brilliant work. hard to move on from Ken, now having read every one of his published works save the one …

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Ken Bruen ~ Rilke on Black

just finished reading the noir master, Ken Bruen‘s RILKE ON BLACK; one of the few i’d not read (though THE DEVIL has come out in the last year, so i’ve got that on order, and i may have missed one of his artful collaborations with the extraordinarily talented Jason Starr). i surely needed a slamdunk …

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William Gibson ~ Zero History

just finished reading William Gibson’s latest, ZERO HISTORY, certainly the most obsessive and adoring catalog of luxury items since Bret Easton Ellis’ AMERICAN PSYCHO, though Gibson’s prose is quite a bit more elegant and surgically precise, albeit with none of BEE’s humour. basically a super-hi-tech thriller premised on high-tech fashion/macro-marketing espionage; sci-fi for the Anna …

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Dennis Lehane ~ Moonlight Mile

just finished reading Dennis Lehane’s dozen-years-after sequel to GONE BABY, GONE, the brilliant MOONLIGHT MILE, in which the four-year old kidnapping victim, Amanda Macready, has gone missing again. there’s not a moment in this novel that flows like a clear mountain spring that lacks insight, empathy, superlative characterization, great humour and callous violence. a home-run …

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Lucius Shepard ~ The Golden

Just finished reading Lucius Shepard‘s brilliant vampire novel, THE GOLDEN. as compelling in its horrific and phantasmagorical detail as it is thorough and thoughtful in its meditations on vampire philosophy and politics. highly recommended

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