J.S. Bach ~ Prelude & Fugue X in e minor, II

So glad you can see the unattended pedals in the Prelude. This strict two-voice texture demands truest independence of dynamic arc and voice-specific varietal articulative spectrum.

The more I play him, the more synesthetic Bach feels to me. I know that some of the more complex-keyed Preludes & Fugues are more than likely to have been transposed from simple-key originals, but the e minor Fugue has the same brash, fiery, youthful and elemental fury as the e minor Toccata, a piece I learned from Harvey Keitel, who played mobster successor/budding concert pianist in James Toback’s Fingers. Harvey’s character, Jimmy “Fingers” Angelelli, is preparing the e minor Toccata for his big audition. I won’t spoil it, but how do YOU think that went?




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