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I’ve been a big fan of Kris Saknussemm‘s writing for a number of years now, starting with his brilliant novel, Zanesville, and continuing to read all his latest work. We became friends just after the release of his Reverend America, a road novel featuring an albino ex-child evangelist. Kris was the first person to ask me to write an original piece of music (I’ve been doing arrangements these past years, to the degree that Elliott Smith’s family kindly noted that there was a whole lot more composing going on in my arrangements work than I gave myself credit for), to contribute to an accompanying volume of music (featuring Eric Wyatt, Lou Mulkern, Tim Buck, Matthew Revert, Steve Joseph and myself) for Reverend America. The result was Prelude, Variation and Hymn “Time of My Time”.

Kris’ play, The Humble Assessment, a riveting work of darkest humour, is being made into a film, and Kris again, kindly asked me to make music for it. I just wrapped three pieces to be used intermittently and in full, and he and his crew seem quite thrilled with the result.

My first work for film.

Stay tuned.



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