Philip K. Dick ~ We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Vol IV)

just finished reading Volume Five of the Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, title taken from the story that eventually became Total Recall. I went through all PKD’s sci-fi novels (and a couple of his domestics) this summer, so it was inevitable I go through all the shorts. This particular Complete Stories collection is a 5-volume set put out attractively by Gollancz. I’ve ordered the rest. there were some other annoyingly-covered collections that i’ve decided against. This Gollancz set is really nice, and curated by longtime PKD scholar Paul Williams. lots of stories i’d read already, but others i hadn’t and of course i’ll have them all organized now when they arrive.

PKD is the Best
took a couple of days while recording Beethoven Sonatas and Variations with Matt Haimovitz to read a bit of Lewis Lockwood’s great book on the composer.
now i’m catching up with Ken Bruen (I’ve read everything of his) and his Jack Taylor series; the latest, Purgatory.



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