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William Gibson ~ Zero History

just finished reading William Gibson’s latest, ZERO HISTORY, certainly the most obsessive and adoring catalog of luxury items since Bret Easton Ellis’ AMERICAN PSYCHO, though Gibson’s prose is quite a bit more elegant and surgically precise, albeit with none of BEE’s humour. basically a super-hi-tech thriller premised on high-tech fashion/macro-marketing espionage; sci-fi for the Anna…

Dennis Lehane ~ Moonlight Mile

just finished reading Dennis Lehane’s dozen-years-after sequel to GONE BABY, GONE, the brilliant MOONLIGHT MILE, in which the four-year old kidnapping victim, Amanda Macready, has gone missing again. there’s not a moment in this novel that flows like a clear mountain spring that lacks insight, empathy, superlative characterization, great humour and callous violence. a home-run…

Lucius Shepard ~ The Golden

Just finished reading Lucius Shepard‘s brilliant vampire novel, THE GOLDEN. as compelling in its horrific and phantasmagorical detail as it is thorough and thoughtful in its meditations on vampire philosophy and politics. highly recommended

Lucius Shepard ~ Green Eyes

just finished reading Lucius Shepard‘s brilliant first novel, GREEN EYES; the only zombie story that made me want to be one, and a mythology and trajectory with Shepard’s unfettered imagination leading it through thoughtful, reality-questing fractal iterations with his peerless painting of visual, emotional, philosophical tapestry through each page. i should really move on and…

Irvine Welsh ~ Skagboys

just finished reading Irvine Welsh’s latest, SKAGBOYS, an epic prequel to TRAINSPOTTING, a lush, insightful, hilarious ricercare of intermingled chapter-voices following Everybody’s Favourite Heroin Addicts, Mark Renton, Sick Boy, Spud, the violence-addicted Francis Begbie and a few others from the endless cast of Maggie’s Millions in the early 80’s. i’ve read everything published by Irvine…

Lucius Shepard ~ The Ends of the Earth

just finished reading (the last of a 2000+pp Lucius Shepard binge, even though his latest compilation THE DRAGON GRIAULE, just arrived today, as well as a penny paperback of his first novel, GREEN EYES) the incredible 14-story collection, THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. man has quite the imagination. trust me. — with Lucius Shepard.

Lucius Shepard ~ Eternity and Other Stories

Just finished reading Lucius Shepard’s incredible short story collection, Eternity and Other stories, which, notwithstanding the fact that I’d already read some of them (Only Partly Here, Hands Up, Who Wants to Die, and Jailwise have appeared in other collections; R&R served as the opening chapter of his brilliant Life During Wartime) I found myself…

Lucius Shepard ~ Life During Wartime

Just finished reading an amazing novel by Lucius Shepard, Life During Wartime, in which military action in Guatamala is a mere scrim for the real psi-ops struggle. Brilliant — with Lucius Shepard.

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