Eunice Kim plays Ashokan Farewell and Sun Kil Moon ~ Bay of Skulls

Even though we’re still nearly a year til the first season of concerts takes place in the Summer of ’16 at TIppetRise, the Arts Centre on 11.500 acres just outside Fishtail, MT, large-scale sculptures are being installed on the grounds, and I’ve been commemorating those installations with private events for installation and local construction crew on-site with works inspired by, nay, curated by the sculptors themselves: a French Impressionist program to go with the fanciful Daydreams by Patrick Daugherty, the Heilige Dankgesang movement from Op. 132 for Mark DiSuvero’s Beethoven’s Quartet and Schubert’s last Piano Sonata for Mark’s Proverbs.

Stephen Talasnik’s Pioneer from his Satellites series invoke America’s intrepid spirit, indigenous and proudly innovative and exploratory. Our Talasnik-commemorative show included songs by Copland and Dvorak sung by Alisa Jordheim, Eunice Kim and I performed John Adams’ Road Movies, Arvo Part’s Fratres, and these two tracks which were the first to come available and mastered (can’t wait to see the video), and so they are presented here for your streaming pleasure, my arrangement (with Eunice’s perseverance and intuitive collaboration) of Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon’s Bay of Skulls (sorry about the wrong notes in the bridge, and the piano could have used a better tuning):

and our performance of Jay Ungar’s Ashokan Farewell:

Eunice TippetRise sunrise


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