Lucius Shepard ~ The Jaguar Hunter

just having finished Lucius Shepard‘s collection, The Jaguar Hunter, i come to the end of line as far as the most readily available of his work. Guess i’ll have to shell out the big bucks for Floater and Dagger Key. even though this 500-page compendium was comprised of a majority of stories i’d previously read, …

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Herman Koch ~ The Dinner

Just finished reading (thanks to Ann and Stona Fitch) The Dinner by Herman Koch, two couples-in-law at an upscale Dutch restaurant studiously avoiding talk about their children who’ve been up to no good. A dangerously unreliable narrator is the best part of this very dark domestic novel. Highly recommended.

Lucius Shepard ~ Kalimantan

just finished reading Lucius Shepard‘s 1993 novella, Kalimantan, set in the eponymous Borneo jungle, a tale of deception, perception, illusion become power; with the most viscerally-wrought alternate reality prose portrayal with an equally hallucinatory and utterly compelling battle scene, probably the best of their kind, by anyone; coupled with shorter fables of lush jungle mystery, …

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