Philip K. Dick ~ The Cosmic Puppets

just finished reading Philip K. Dick’s novella, The Cosmic Puppets. starts out as a Twilight zone episode, a man revisiting an old town and recognizing none of it as the place he grew up, this has elements of Lovecraftian mythology, but with a fantasy/horror canvas that would only find true depth and saturated vision in …

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Beowulf ~ Translated by Seamus Heaney

RIP Seamus Heaney

Philip K. Dick ~ Dr. Futurity

just finished Philip K. Dick’s novel of time-travel, euthanasia, history and conscience, Dr. Futurity. as early as this is in the PKD ouevre, you hear the beginnings of his philosophical bent in this one. elegantly cinematic in its poetry, particularly at the beginning. PKD is the best.

Philip K. Dick ~ Solar Lottery

just finished reading Philip K. Dick’s first published sci-fi thriller, Solar Lottery an ultra-impoverished society governed by the spin of a bottle. probably more distinguished by its thriller pace and the minutiae of its technical imagination than by PKD’s usual philosophic flights; still an integral and exciting part of the canon. PKD is the best.

Philip K. Dick ~ The World Jones Made

just finished reading Philip K. Dick’s novel, The World Jones Made. a strictly Relativist (!) society meets a man with absolute foreknowledge. the most just alien invasion and denouement and the most compelling mode of planetary colonization i’ve read. PKD is the best.

Mark Z. Danielewski ~ Only Revolutions

Just finished principal composition (version 2.0) for all 90 chapters of Mark Z. Danielewski’s prose poem/eBook, Only Revolutions.

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