Philip K. Dick ~ Counter-Clock World

just finished reading Philip K. Dick’s Counter Clock World, apropos the impending reverse of the sun’s polarity, PKD plunges us into a world where time itself has reversed its course, employing a psionic vitarium owner, one who haunts the graveyards waiting for the voices of the newly reborn to call for their own exhumation. it …

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Philip K. Dick ~ Eye in the Sky

just finished reading Philip K. Dick’s Eye in the Sky a group touring a particle accelerator is plunged into a chaotic series of alternate realities. bad enough living in your own delusion, much less everyone else’s. PKD never fails to astonish.

Philip K. Dick ~ The Simulacra

just finished reading Philip K. Dick’s novel (this is fast becoming my own personal obsessive Summer of Dick, introduced by my months-ago traversal of his Exegesis, the complete Library of America collection of a baker’s dozen of his novels, and now continuing, happily, through a bunch more of the novels i’d not read previously) The …

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