New Two-Piano Concerto and Hexameron with pianist/composer Andre Mehmari and the Miami Symphony Orchestra, May 3, 2015

Thrilled to announce this project, brainchild of Maestro Eduardo Marturet‘s Season of the Piano at the Miami Symphony Orchestra, a collaboration with brilliant Brazilian jazz pianist and composer, Andre Mehmari. His music is beautiful, his energy, infectious.

Thanks to school-chum and Percussionist of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, Dexter Dwight, for turning me onto this great artist, and for putting all our heads together.

Here are some of Andre’s great YouTube performances:

Penny Lane
Improviso sobre Odeon, Choro pro Zé
Um Anjo Nasce / Hello Goodbye
Morro Velho / Paixão e Fé
Lagoa da Conceição
Famoso (Ernesto Nazareth)
Os Cinco Companheiros
Caymmi and Jobim

And the just-released season brochure:

MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_1 MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_2 MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_3 MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_4 MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_5 MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_6 MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_7 MISO 2013-2014 Brochure-LR_Page_8


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