Pablo Ziegler ~ Milonga del Adios

getting the band back together: I will be joining Pablo Ziegler, composer and pianist of many years for Astor Piazzolla’s New Tango Quintet, touring his fantastic two-piano arrangements of his own works and famous tunes by Piazzolla. We needed to find two pianos to rehearse, and so Irene Wlodarski of Steinway reserved a studio at Steinway Hall in NYC for our use last week. Even though my last tour with Pablo was a few years ago, we came together like we’d performed yesterday. He’s an extraordinary artist, and incredibly intuitive and trusting as a duo partner. My decades-long passion for the music of Piazzolla was no match, in itself, for grasping the stylistic nuances; for that, I have been privileged to have Pablo  as a teacher.

He sent me two of his own works, arranged as piano solos, and I performed his Milonga del Adios (available as sheet music) at our From the Top live taping in Sidney, ME at the great outdoor venue, the Bowl in the Pines. So you can hear the birds going to bed.

Beautiful venue. Wonderful crowd and incredible kids on that show.

astor bowl Pablo and O'Riley pablo



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